Why are regular mammograms important?

You’ve heard about the importance of getting regular mammograms. But like a lot of things in life that we’re supposed to do (flossing every day? Please…) sometimes we need a little reminder.

Here’s why mammograms are so important, and why you should schedule your next annual mammogram today:

Early Detection Gives You More Treatment Options

A cancer detected very early gives physicians a wider range of treatment options. In fact, early detection greatly reduces the possibility of a patient’s need for mastectomy and makes it more likely that a cancer can be removed with a simple targeted surgery.

Annual Screenings Enhance Your Results

Just as a fine wine gets better with age, so does the personal data produced by regular mammograms. As you get mammograms year after year, your provider gains more imaging records of your “normal” breast tissue, making any future irregularities even easier to detect and identify. If you have a family history of breast cancer or have dense breast tissue, your doctor may recommend a 3D mammogram for more detailed imaging.

Once you’ve reached age 40, doctors recommend that you receive a mammogram every year. At Diagnostic Imaging Specialists of Chicago, you’ll receive immediate mammogram results before you leave your appointment—so you’ll never have to walk away wondering or worrying about the outcome.

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