General Ultrasound Services at Diagnostic Imaging Specialists of Chicago

Ultrasounds are typically associated with busy hospitals and the disarming sensation of cold jelly meeting skin. It’s a highly personal and occasionally uncomfortable procedure – and one that men and women alike stand to benefit from.

At Diagnostic Imaging Specialists of Chicago, founder and lead physician Dr. Ahmed Farag aims to provide general ultrasound services to all in a comfortable, consultative setting.

“Many people are unaware that we offer these services to everyone. Our female patients know the level of service they receive at Diagnostic Imaging Specialists, and are comforted to know that their male friends and family are able to receive the same care, all in one place,” says Dr. Farag.

As the name may indicate, general ultrasound services relate to a range of body systems such as the breast and axillary regions, carotids, thyroid gland, abdomen, pelvis, upper and lower extremities, scrotum and testicles. Typically, the doctors at Diagnostic Imaging Specialists can get patients in and out of the office in less than an hour for general ultrasound services, including a discussion about ultrasound results.

“The majority of our patients are nervous about just being here,” Farag says. “We want to ensure that they can relax and get any questions they may have about the procedure or results answered.”

Patients’ visits begin in a cozy waiting area equipped with oversized chairs, fuzzy blankets, and complimentary hot beverages. Providing ultrasound and the diagnostics onsite, Farag and his team help patients avoid the long wait times and inconvenient hours that go hand-in-hand with trips to the hospital or urgent care center.

“We know our patients and their medical histories because we are with them through each step of the process, allowing us to better diagnose their issues,” Farag says. “We’re hoping these services help both male and female patients become more proactive and aware of their health.”

Other services Diagnostic Imaging Specialists provide for male clients are bone density studies, mammograms and most recently, genetic testing.