Diagnostic Imaging Specialists of Chicago Offers Hereditary Cancer Testing for Eight Cancer Types

Diagnostic Imaging Specialists of Chicago, an independent imaging center in the Gold Coast of Chicago, is now offering the Myriad myRisk™ Hereditary Test to recognize carriers of genetic mutations that may result in eight different types of cancer. Diagnostic Imaging Specialists of Chicago is a comprehensive imaging center for women catering to their emotional, physical and diagnostic screening needs. The most recent addition to their services is the Myriad myRisk™ genetic cancer test. Diagnostic Imaging Specialists of Chicago is the only independent imaging center in the area offering this service to patients. One of the benefits being that Diagnostic Imaging Specialists is also able to provide this service same-day to patients, which helps reduce anxieties leading up to the appointment.

“We are very excited to offer this service conveniently to the women of Chicago,” says Ahmed Farag, M.D., C.M., FRCPC and Founder of Diagnostic Imaging Specialists of Chicago. “The mission of Diagnostic Imaging Specialists of Chicago is to empower our patients with information related to their health, and to guide patients through all their options. The Myriad myRisk™ test fits nicely with our mission and services by further empowering our patients with results that can help them take additional precautions for their condition.”

The Hereditary Cancer Panel is a 25-gene panel with the ability to capture more mutation carriers than other tests combined. The test has the ability to identify risks for breast, endometrial, prostate, melanoma, pancreatic, colorectal, gastric and ovarian cancers. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network recommends that the patient should get tested based on personal and family cancer history. Patients interested in the test may contact the doctors at Diagnostic Imaging Specialists, where they can help the patient to determine whether or not the patient is an ideal candidate for the test.

Armed with the knowledge of knowing whether or not a patient is a carrier of a genetic mutation is important because of the high-risk associated with those gene carriers. This test has the ability to catch and notify women before they have the associated cancers so that they may take necessary precautions based on the findings.

“This test is going to be a huge benefit for patients looking for answers,” says Dr. Farag. “Before the test is performed, we ask each patient to fill out our Risk Assessment Form. This will give us a better idea of what type of cancers the patient is more susceptible to in the future.”

The test is a simple blood test, where a single blood draw is sent to Myriad Genetic Laboratories for analysis. The test itself takes approximately 3-5 minutes, with results being delivered in approximately 3 weeks. The patient can expect 1 of 3 test results: Positive, Negative or Variant. All results are reviewed individually with each patient, and physicians are ready and able to answer your questions per your result in order to provide you the information you need.

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Diagnostic Imaging Specialists of Chicago is an independent diagnostic imaging center in the Chicago Gold Coast. Diagnostic Imaging is a small practice consisting of two Board Certified Radiologists specializing in digital mammograms, diagnostic ultrasounds and biopsies, and bone density testing. Diagnostic Imaging takes pride in its ability to quickly deliver test results, eliminate patient uncertainties, provide transparent communication, and maintain a tranquil spa setting that ensures patient comfort above all else.

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